Water Filtration systems

We have been involved with installing and maintaining Commercial water filtration systems for many years.Water filtration and purification is important for many industries. Without the pre-treatment to reverse osmosis systems, the membranes would soon be damaged.

Multimedia Depth Water filtration systems

These filter containing two or more media and gravel under bedding. Multimedia is a proven design concept; the course media layers in the top of the tank trap large particles, and successfully traps the smaller particles which are trapped in the finer layers of media deeper in the bed. The result is highly efficient filtering as the removal of particles takes place throughout the entire bed. Multimedia depth  water filtration systems typically remove particles 5 to 15 microns in size or larger. Correct layering is the key to proper performance in a depth filter. All media are selected according to particle size and density, so the media retains its stratification during backwashing and rinse. In addition to efficient production of high clarity water, depth filters generally allow higher service flow rates of 10 to 20 gpm per square foot of surface area, and longer service runs between backwashes. When compared to gravity filters, multimedia pressure filters installed in municipal applications generally require less space and can outperform single media filters.

ROP RO8 Commercial reverse osmosis purification

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