Clean drinking water

Clean drinking water in poor countries around the world, and how it impacts on women’s lives and their health.This is a interesting article that should be rectified in this day and age.

The importance of clean drinking water.

Dirty water and poor sanitation among top 5 killers of women worldwide

Diseases linked to dirty water and lack of safe toilets are the fifth biggest global killers of women, according to new analysis released today by WaterAid.

These diseases cause more deaths amongst women than diabetes, HIV/AIDS or breast cancer, taking a woman’s life every 40 seconds.

A WaterAid analysis of Institute of Health Metrics figures, released just ahead of International Women’s Day, identified the Top 10 deadliest diseases for women across the globe

Illnesses related to a lack of water, basic sanitation and hygiene were responsible for the deaths of almost 800,000 women around the world in a single year – making it the fifth biggest killer of women behind heart disease, stroke, lower respiratory infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Some 88 per cent of all diarrhoea and half of all nutritional deficiencies are related to the lack of these basic services.

An interesting image relating to Clean drinking water with a little boy filling up his bucket with water.



 A boy fills up his bucket with Clean drinking water

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We all take it for granted that when we open the kitchen tap, we will have a clean glass of water with no bacteria or viruses in it.

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We sincerely feel that everybody in the world should be entitled to clean drinking water.

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